Thank you, Lord. :)

Thank you, Lord! I passed all my college entrance exams. :D

I passed De La Salle University Taft. :3

I passed University of Santo Tomas. :)

Lastly, I passed University of the Philippines Diliman. \m/

I am in doubt how I was able to pass these exams. Maybe it’s because of my unwavering faith in God? Or was it just my luck? :)

Anyway, I’m really thankful for everything that happened in my life. Especially the honor of passing these. :D God is good! :)

Posted on January 20th at 7:31 PM
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  1. littlethoughtsofsweethejj said: Congrats Girl. :) That’s FAITH!
  2. chinpoy29 said: congrats po :))) talino mo namn…
  3. horan-thismofo said: Congrats po ate :)
  4. magnelia said: Good job! :>
  5. dudeitsbianca said: Congrats ate kow :3
  6. namteahyun-s said: Alamat ka talaga! =)))